Shelly II Charters

Plan for a day of enjoyment, charter fishing with the crew from Shelly II

Checklist of Things to Bring

Appropriate clothing and rain gear.
Sunscreen is strongly recommended.
Motion sickness pills, if necessary.
Camera and plenty of film.
Food and beverages.
Cooler(s) to take your catch home.
For your safety,
   please wear boat or tennis shoes.

       Things NOT to Bring

No glass bottles.
Fish by the Month

  May, June Bluefish are in abundance. Mako shark arrive and Blue Shark are still plentiful. Brown, Dusky, Hammer Head, Thresher and Tiger sharks will also be present. Tuna start migrating through the area.  
  July Tuna and Marlin show up in the canyons. Mako and other species of sharks are still available.  
  Aug, Sept Best months for offshore fishing. Yellowfin, Big Eye, Albacore Tuna. White and Blue Marlin are here. Sharks are still present.  
  Oct, Nov Tuna are still available.  

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